Become a Sponsor

Three sponsorship slots are currently available each month and come with benefits as outlined below. If you’re interested in discussing sponsorship please get in touch at


  • Branding: Your branding will be featured on event pages, in all emails to the group, and in a highly visible manner at events (typically in the form of a projector or sign).
  • Free Tickets & Stage Time: Two tickets for people at your company to all paid events during the month of sponsorship. Additionally, they will have two minutes to present anything they’d like — the more creative the better.
  • Swag and Merch: If you have stickers, swag, or similar you’d like to give out or sell at the event we’ll be happy to provide you a space at the check-in table or within the venue.

Speakers & Events

Events vary in size from 50-100+ attendees, and tend to be roughly half designers and half developers, with a others in the mix. Speakers range from startup founders to freelance designers to developers at — each event is a new experience and we hope you’ll be as excited as we are to experience the one you sponsor.

All funds go towards covering costs for events in the given month, and anything leftover will be given to the charity of your choosing at the end of the month (if you don’t have a preference we can pick).

Past Sponsors

A huge thanks to our past sponsors & hosts who have helped make Designers Who Code possible!

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