Django For Designers Workshop

March 26, 2016 @ 11AM

A half-day weekend workshop teaching designers how to get started building their own web application based on the popular eBook Hello Web App.

Tickets are $10 will go towards food and drinks for attendees.

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About the Event

Join us for a [4] hour self-guided weekend workshop perfect for you designers looking to brush up your development chops. Led by Tracy Osborn, author of Hello Web App, this is an introductory course intended for designers with basic/minimal development knowledge.

With Hello Web App, we’re going to build a “collection of things,” which you can extend to build something unique (for example, Pinterest is basically a collection of photos!) The tutorial will walk you through setting up Django, creating your website, adding registration and login forms, setting up your database, fleshing out your web app, and deploying on Heroku.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to build a basic web app, this is the workshop for you!

All skill levels welcome — we’ll have plenty of mentors for any questions you have as you work through the book. See a sample of the book here.

All workshop participants will get a free eBook copy of Hello Web App.

About Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn

Tracy is a designer, developer, author, speaker, and “entreprenerd”.

In early 2015, she wrote Hello Web App, a book aimed at designers and non-programmers centered around teaching web app development using Django, a development framework written in Python. She followed up with an “Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts” in late 2015, which builds on the teachings of the earlier book.

Outside of being an author she’s also the creator and founder of, is an active speaker at tech events, and like a typical Bay Area resident is into outdoorsy stuff when she’s not glued to the computer screen.


1920c @ 950 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108

1920c is located in the heart of Chinatown near the Financial District and numerous Muni lines (the 8, 30, 45, 10, 12, and 1 to be specific). For the motivated folks out there it’s approximately a 15 minute walk from both Powell and Montgomery BART stations.

As always taking public transportation or cycling is encouraged, but there is a parking garage located nearby (more details TBA).


What level of programming experience do I need? What about HTML and CSS?

Hello Web App assumes you have no previous programming knowledge. But it’s best if you know a bit about HTML markup — since the book starts out building a website and setting up static files, things will fit a lot faster if you know a bit about website creation. That said, if you like to learn-by-doing, feel free to walk through the tutorial verbatim and you’ll learn some HTML as you go.

What do you build in the tutorial?

We’re building a “collection of things.” That sounds generic, but you can alter the generic examples (“Thing”) to something that fits this metric (like building a directory of web designers, so your “Thing” will be a “Profile.”) A lot of different ideas fit this — for example, Twitter is a collection of small paragraphs. Pinterest is a collection of photos. Facebook used to be a collection of personal data. I highly encourage you to build something unique to you, because what you’ll learn will stick better!

What version of Python and Django is Hello Web App written for? Hello Web App is written with Python 2.7 and Django 1.8. The book is basically Python 3 ready, but since a ton of resources (like plugins) are still on Python 2.7, we’re going to start with that and you can upgrade to Python 3+ later if you like.


This is a self-guided workshop — we’re all going to work together and mentors will be wandering to provide help and answer questions as needed. Mid-afternoon, we’ll have small presentations to cover topics like the command line or git for anyone who’d like extra help in those areas.

11:00am — Introductions, getting set up, and starting the tutorial. 12:00pm — Break for lunch and questions. 1:00pm–3:00pm — We continue working on our web apps (with a cookie break somewhere in the middle!) 3:00pm — Head home!

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