Founded in 2014 to create a community that bridges the design/development gap, Designers Who Code has grown to more than 2,000 members and has hosted events in partnership with companies like Adobe, Heroku, and Zurb.

Mission Statement

We aim to host a minimum of one event per month that directly benefit and engage the local design/development community.

Community Guidelines


  • All events and actions of the group should give back to the community and provide a net benefit to everyone involved.
  • Events should not be put on to solely promote your own product/conference/etc - there’s naturally an undeniable amount of self-promotion in
  • Anyone interested in organizing an event is encouraged to do so! Reach out to with details on what you’re thinking to get the conversation started.
  • Scheduling should avoid conflicting with events from similar communities whenever possible. We want to not only build our own community, but avoid competing with others in our local community.


  • Funds from paid events will be used for the following purposes and will be transparently logged in a Google spreadsheet: (a) compensation for paid speakers/workshops, (b) Renting event space and equipment, (c) purchasing event drinks and/or food, (d) paying any fees for accounts/services directly related to the group, including but not limited to’s twice annual fee (approx. $90 at time of this writing) and hosting/licensing fees related to the website.
  • All members/attendees should be respectful and constructive towards one-another, even when being critical is necessary.
  • Group organizers will aim to be as transparent as possible to members whenever possible.